Standard Poodle Database


About the Online Standard Poodle Database
The SPD is a database of over 316,000 Standard Poodles (as of December 2022) from around the world.
Although this online version of the SPD lacks many analysis features of the Windows version, it will display
various inbreeding calculations, as well as pedigrees, reverse pedigrees, and offspring,
There are many different ways to search the data.

Note: As of the summer of 2018, the Poodle Club of America (PCA) can no longer provide AKC stud book
data for use in this database.  AKC rules have changed from stud books available for purchase to anyone, to
breed only versions provided to parent breed clubs for educational and research purposes (the use of this database),
to in 2018 only the parent breed club members can use the data for club projects only.  None of the volunteers with
the SPD are PCA members nor is this a PCA project.  We would like to encourage PCA to take on a Poodle database
since this change in access to AKC data greatly impacts the future value of the SPD.  We would like to thank Pat Forsyth
of the PCA Foundation for her attempts to find a work-around to this issue.  We are sorry this was not successful.


Note: The SPD and the data entered in the SPD is done entirely by volunteers.

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