Standard Poodle Database


About the Standard Poodle Database
The Standard Poodle Database is database of over 262,870 (February 2017) Standard Poodles from around the world. Although the
majority are
North American dogs, there is good representation of English, German, Scandinavian, and Australian Poodles. There
are some Swiss, Dutch, and Japanese dogs, along with a smattering of other western and eastern European dogs.
You can add dogs to the database, print pedigrees, and do various inbreeding calculations, including COI, relationship
coefficients, % Mid-Century Bottleneck, % Old English Apricot, and % Wycliffe.
The dogs included in the database have pre-calculated 10 and 15 generation COIs.

Beginning in 2015, the SPD supported the UC Davis VGL diversity data.By Jan of 2017 there almost 700 dogs in
the SPD with VGL data.
Users can add their own and perform mate selection evaluations based on this data.

The SPD used to be available for a $50 donation to the PCA Foundation for Poodle Health research.
In 2018 the Poodle Club of America determined that this was a violation of the AKCís rules on noncommercial use
of the pedigree data provided to PCA.As a result the SPD is no longer available and updates will not be provided.

Note: The SPD and the data entered in the SPD is done entirely by volunteers.No one receives any
money or equipment for working on the SPD.Donations go entirely to support Poodle health
research and education.

Computer Requirements
The SPD runs under Paradox Runtime which is included on the CD. It runs under most versions of Windows.
An additional step in the installation process is required to run under Windows Vista or Windows 7 or Windows 8.
It runs fine under Windows 10.


I have a Mac. Can I run the SPD?
None of us have any Mac experience, but we have been told that the SPD will run on Macs with 1) an Intel chip, 2) running
Bootcamp or Parallels, and 3) have a full version (not OEM) of Windows installed. It does not work with an OEM version of Windows.